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Plumbing Repair

We offer a plethora of repairs for your plumbing systems. Many of these issues may not seem urgent at the time, but can build up and cause larger issues in your plumbing throughout the future. JLZ Plumbing handles your plumbing repairs as quickly and effectively as possible.

Here are some the most common plumbing repair services that we offer.


A leaky faucet can occur from many areas of your household including the washroom, kitchen or even in the outdoors. These leaks can cause your water bill to add up over time, even if the leak seems miniscule. The longer you wait, the more water is wasted and in turn your charges go up. There are some common causes for leaky faucets, which include:

  • Worn-Out Cartridge
  • Worn-Out Washers
  • Bad O-Ring
  • Water Pressure
  • Loose or Broken Parts
  • Corroded Valve Seat

At JLZ plumbing we determine your faucet type, and analyze all potential causes to determine the solution needed for repair. A good idea is to probably shut your water supply off in order to avoid any further wastage as we arrive on the scene.

Plumbing Repair


The toilet is another common plumbing repair service, and toilets can generally have a few different problems with them. This can range from not flushing correctly, to slow water pressure after a flush, to toilet leakage.

Signs of Toilet Blockage

  • Slow Draining Toilet
  • Bowl Overflowing
  • Foul or Strange Odour
  • Gurgling Sound

Signs of Toilet Leakage

  • Water on the Floor
  • Uneven Floor Tile or Floor
  • Gurgling Sounds

If you see or experience any of these signs, contact us today. Whether it’s a toilet leakage or blockage, we will get to the bottom of the residing issue and find the correct solution to repair your toilet. Solutions could be as simple as an unclogging all the way to complete toilet replacement. Our job is to provide you with the best course of action.


Shower and bathtubs may leak or crack overtime, needing repairments done in order to solve these issues. Old solder connections can be a reason for leaks in tubs or showers, as pinholes develop in joints. Leaks can also lead to damage to the tub framing and to the ceiling underneath.

Cracks forming tend to come from 3 main reasons which include lack of support (or material is too flexible), damage from heavy objects and damage from heavy cleaners. Monitor any cracks you may find to stop further damaging from happening, and we will repair these cracks as efficient as possible.

It is recommended to have cracking or leaking tubs fixed quickly to avoid issues from spreading, cracks can cause your tub to shatter if it grows too large while leaks can cause water to waste and spread through ceiling and flooring.


On average most sump pumps can last up to 3-5 years. However, problems may arise where your sump pump might need to be repaired. The pumps job is to essentially pull water away from your foundation in your wastewater system; keeping your basement from flooding.

Replacing sump pumps can be needed with poor plumbing maintenance, and should be done if any of the following things start to occur:

  • Strange Noises
  • Infrequent Pump Usage
  • Always Running
  • Irregular Cycling
  • Running Longer than Usual
  • Visible Rust
  • Motor Failure
  • Vibrates Excessively
  • Random/Frequent Power Outages

If any of these things occur, it can be a telltale sign that your sump pump needs to be repaired. Luckily here at JLZ Plumbing, we can discover the root of your sump pump problem and have our professionals install a new one.


Plumbing System Maintenance

Plumbing system maintenance is ideal for you home for long term health in your plumbing system. Having a check-up annually, semi-annually or semi-quarterly can help benefit your plumbing for the long term. This helps avoid emergency situation, and incidents of residing issues growing over time.

From avoiding small amounts of water from turning into large leaks or floods, or inspecting your water pressure and sump pump; JLZ covers all aspects of a maintenance check to ensure your plumbing system is running in tip top shape.

We cover your interior plumbing as well as your exterior plumbing, uncover any hidden leaks or issues and solve any problems that might be raising your water bill. At JLZ Plumbing, we recommend getting a maintenance check instead of waiting for problems to bubble to the surface. It’s similar to visiting the doctors for your checkup, better to make sure everything’s intact rather than finding out on short notice, isn’t it? Avoid the emergencies, and keep your systems running smoothly with plumbing system maintenance checks. Here is a list of things we normally do on a maintenance visit:

  • Disconnecting Water using Items from the Hose Faucet
  • Inspect all Visible Pipes for Corrosion
  • Check for Leaks
  • Test the Water Pressure
  • Locate the Shutoff Valves
  • Open the Spigots

Call us today to have your plumbing systems maintained to help sustain a healthy plumbing system consistently throughout your home!

Plumbing System Maintenance
Frozen Pipes

Frozen Pipes

As the year get colder during our winter months, your pipelines can freeze and lead to water being blocked from proper flow. Frozen pipes can be a risky ordeal, being in a country with consistent cold weather makes it problem that occurs more often than in other parts of the world.

Pipe bursting is one of the most dangerous affects from pipes freezing. Bursts can lead to more implications such as flooding or water damage. JLZ Plumbing advises to reach out immediately as pipes can sometimes burst within a matter of minutes.

There are loads of signs to indicate a frozen pipe. Low or no water pressure, damp drywall or strange odours are key indicators; while thrashing noises coming from the pipe, cracks or holes and ice can also be indicators that your pipes are frozen over. In any of these cases, contact our team to help unfreeze your pipes.

Here are some prevention methods to help unfreeze or avoid pipes to freeze in cold weather:

1) Turning Water off Right Away Doing this helps halt the water flow and stops any additional water from freezing up in your line. It also helps stop the freezing from spreading in an area water is yet to flow in.

2) Keep your Faucet Open Opening the faucet will help melt the frozen area as water begins to flow through.

3) Direct Heat Source on Blocked Area Applying a direct heat source near or on the frozen area can help melt or minimize the blockage.

Use these methods for a quick fix solution, however if the problem stays consistent you should contact us as soon as possible. Frozen pipes aren’t a problem to sit on as the implications just get worse the longer your pipes stay frozen.


Leaking Detection & Repair

Leaks may seem like a small issue at first, but can grow into damaging problems for your pipes in the long term. Leaks can be difficult to assess without the correct technology or analysis, which we provide for you. Leak detection is important as you can catch issues before it becomes irreversible. Here are some signs that could indicate you have a leak:

  • The Sound of Running Water
  • Various Wet Spots near a Pipeline
  • Putrid Odours
  • Wet or Moldy Drywall on Lower Floors
  • Rise in Water Bills
  • Visible Foundation Damage
  • Mold
  • Constant Running Water Meter

If any of these signs are glaring or constant, contact us today for leak detection. We will find the exact area the leak is coming from and find an effective solution for a long-term fix. Our leak detection is done with different types of technology including:

Acoustic Listening Equipment (ALE)

ALE locates leaks by differentiating leak sounds from normal water flow throughout your plumbing system. It helps amplify sounds of water within walls, concrete and even exterior areas of your household.

Video Inspection Equipment (VIE)

VIE broadcasts the inside of pipes to help detect exactly where the leak is coming from, and what’s causing it. It is used to give our professionals a visual of a real-time recording inside your home’s pipes.

Pipe/Soil Probes

The pipe/sole probe helps enhance your listening aspect. An adjustable piece of equipment that can listen to sounds without bending. Extremely versatile and easy to maneuver for tight spaces and hard surfaces.

Flood Protection (RABATE)

Flood Protection (RABATE)

Flooding is a problem usually caused by things such as heavy rainfall or accelerated melting of snow. Seeing dampness occur at all is a sign to reach out to us, as damage from floods can sometimes lead to your home becoming inhabitable for up to 3 weeks. Floods can cause major deterioration of foundation which can lead to more dangers. Waterproofing is one of the best solutions to avoiding floods, and is one of the most highly recommended flood protection services. It helps protect you from potential molds and eliminates flood possibilities altogether.

The City of Toronto actually offers a rebate for flood protection services, which is great in terms affording an option for flooding problems. Flooding can cause various issues aside from foundation and water cracks, which include increased humidity and unwanted odours. Molds that grow overtime can also cause sickness for you and your family, exemplifying how dangerous floods can really be; not just for your home but for you and your family.

Along with heavy rainfall, here are some other potential causes for floods:

  • Crack or Leak in Foundation
  • Failure of Foundation Drains
  • Failure of Sump Pump
  • Tree Intrusion on Pipeline
  • Poor Lot Grading
  • Plugged Downspouts

If any or several of these things occur, JLZ Plumbing can help fix the flood before it causes bigger and/or irreputable issues. Understand that floods or a potential flood is not a light matter and can cause long term conflicts for your home.