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Not only do we handle household plumbing issues, but JLZ Plumbing is also capable of handling any commercial plumbing job from small businesses to large commercial buildings. Our services operate at the same level of efficiency from commercial work to residential work. The last thing we want is for there to be a plumbing issue so severe that your business has to cease operations, which could result in lost revenue on top of any plumbing charges. Regardless of the plumbing issue, procrastinating on calling in service could result in direct damage to your product supply and even could become harmful to your employees, customers and anybody else who would visit your company building. 

Since techniques and equipment changes more in the commercial field we are constantly adapting and improving the quality of our work to meet not only our high standards but also the standards of our clients. All of our residential services are also available at the commercial level and just like with our residential services we also offer an upfront free estimate for all commercial work. Our plumbers all pay attention to details and are capable of completing a number of different repairs with ease giving our customers access to clean water and proper wastewater disposal. 

Why waste extra time and money on plumbing costs when we can offer you maintenance and inspection before any problem becomes too large. We understand that plumbing needs vary in the commercial setting from business to business and customer service is our number one priority which is why we look to develop a relationship with our clients.  We develop these relationships so our clients know we are the ones to trust with all their plumbing needs and that we can take on any job they need us to, no matter the size.

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We specialize in

Plumber repairing pipe in kitchen

Plumbing Repair

Silvery kitchen sink with a disassembled protective filter. Kitchen sink repair process

Drain Repair


Drain Cleaning



Damaged pipe with leaking water on grey background

Leaking Repair

Cleaning the sewer system special equipment, utility service of the town.

Sewer Line Repair

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