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Sometimes when a clog goes unaddressed for a long period of time it becomes a costly repair and if that’s the case we’re here to help. In many cases a few preventative measures will save you from having to deal with a costly issue but sometimes things happen. Many GTA homes have old clay pipes that are prone to cracks and leaks but we can offer replacements that will last you many many years. Some reasons you might need a drain repair are: 

  • corrosion 
  • flooding 
  • back-up
  • slow drainage

We recommend that you do not try and repair or replace a drain by yourself. Using a plunger to unclog a toilet or removing hair from the entrance to the drain is a short term solution and risking a DIY could potentially do your pipes more harm than good. 

Cost-wise every situation varys; especially since all drains are different. The best thing to do is contact us and get your free estimate with upfront pricing. We will give you an honest, but competitive estimate so you know exactly what you’re getting yourself into. 

We offer trenchless repairs, which do not involve any digging at all. One method is drain liner insertion. This method is a good way to fortify older pipes instead of replacing the pipe completely. If the pipe does need to be replaced another method is pipe bursting. Using specialized tools such as expanders and pullers fractures the pipe and pushes it out of the way while pullers bring up a new plastic pipe. These methods are best used for pipes running underneath buildings or in places where the landscape cannot be disturbed.

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