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When we come for maintenance one thing that we would do to see the status of all your drains and pipes is feed a small camera through to see every inch and crevice of your drainage system. This is the best and most efficient way to detect any obstructions that need immediate attention. An important tip to remember is that a drain video camera inspection is required by law before using a drain snake. This is because there are occasions where underground gas lines intersect with drain pipes. 

Some benefits of drain video camera inspection are:

  • helpful when buying a new home to identify any potential plumbing problems
  • remodeling/renovating your kitchen or a bathroom the inspection can be used to ensure that your plumbing system can handle any increase in flow
  • lost items can be easily spotted with the camera
  • easy way to check the health of your plumbing system 

One of the most common uses of the drain video camera is to retrieve lost items like wedding rings. It can be very simple for small valuable objects to fall into any sink drain and if that happens they don’t immediately end up in the sewer. Just call our emergency line and we will be able to get your valuables out as fast as possible. 

The camera is a good way to detect a problem without the hassle of having to dig up your yard. Early detection of these problems helps us to keep everything in your home running smoothly and expand the lifespan of your plumbing system.

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