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Drains are the hardest working feature in any home or business and sometimes they need a little TLC. Since we usually pay no mind to our drains, a clog or other draining issue might come as a surprise. Some common signs that your drain needs to be cleaned are:

  • foul odors –  this can usually be due to a build-up of food particles
  • frequent clogs – every now and then a clog is common but if it becomes a constant then it’s an issue
  • slow drains – if it takes awhile for water to drain out of your sink/tub/toilet it could also mean a clog

No job is too small for us, so if you think your drain needs a cleaning give us a call. 

Your indoor drains are not the only thing you should clean however, you also have to keep in mind your sewer drain might need some attention. Sewer drains are responsible for transporting gray and black water to the sewer (gray water is from your shower and kitchen and black water contains human waste). Blockages at this level can pose a serious issue. It may even lead to sewer backup, and for more information on that you can check out the section in services dedicated to that. In many cases, a sewer main drain clog is caused by unpreventable things such as tree roots or a collapsing pipe. Something homeowners should do is be careful about what goes down the drain. Excess food particles and oil can contribute to these clogs as well. In many cases, if there is a clog to your sewer’s main drain it’s your responsibility but depending on where the location and cause of the stoppage you might have to contact your city or town.

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