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In Canada we’re used to the colder climate and with the change in weather there comes with it a whole new set of seasonal plumbing issues. A frozen pipe is not something we want our clients to deal with, especially when it can lead to a significantly more serious problem like a burst or rupture and cause major damage to your house. With any plumbing emergency the first thing you should do with a frozen pipe is to turn off the water and shut off the valve. A good tip is to schedule an appointment in the fall, right before the first snowfall of the season so that we can inspect your pipes and offer recommendations to prevent your pipes from freezing over the course of the winter. 

Some other useful tips are:

  • if you know you have a frozen pipe use towels soaked in warm water or an electric pipe warmer NOT an open flame or electric heater directly on the piping or else it could cause electrocution
  • turn off “main” water and then open a faucet to allow melted water to flow through
  • insulate external and exposed pipes with pipe insulation 

This is one issue you should not wait to fix. If a frozen pipe has burst you 100% need a plumber. No thawing will resolve a burst and the pipe will either need to be repaired or replaced entirely. There are also other reasons why a frozen pipe is an issue, the most obvious is that you might be unable to access running water, which can interfere with your ability to wash dishes or take a shower.

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