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When a drain is clogged there are 2 possible solutions. Snaking and hydro-jetting. Snaking is the process in which a long flexible coiled metal wire tool is inserted into your drain to remove a clog. Hydro-jetting uses a high-pressure stream of water to clean the inside surfaces of pipes. It is especially recommended if your clog is a recurring issue or you have a severe clog. It is considered a long-lasting solution and can even help in the event of a compromised line caused by toilet paper and waste solids. While a drain snake can fail at times, there is no clog that can withstand hydro-jetting due to the force of the water. 

Understandably hydro-jetting will cost slightly more than regular drain cleaning, however, in the long-term, it will save you money. Using this method clears the entire pipe and should carry you for years before you need to call in professional help for another clog. This service is not only available for businesses and large properties, it is also available for households. For households though it is better to use a snake for harder organic materials and to only hydro-jet if there is a severe clog that the snake is unable to handle. 

With every property,  sanitization is a big concern. There is a possibility with many cleaning techniques that debris and sewage will invade, but with hydro-jetting, the speed and efficiency prevent any possible contamination. This method should only be done by a professional plumber as it can be hazardous to people with a high level of water pressure. During hydro-jetting most plumbers will wear protective gear including padded aprons and helmets. If you’re unsure about what method is best for you, contact us and we will give you the best advice for your home. 

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