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When a repair is trenchless it means your plumbers do not have to dig up your pipes to repair them. This works wonders for repairs under buildings or areas where the ground cannot be disturbed. Now there is no need to ruin your landscaping when going for a repair. Not only is this method much faster than traditional repairs it also cuts costs and time. Now you do not need to pay to fix the damage caused by more invasive methods. 

There are many different methods of trenchless sewer repairs such as pipe relining, which is the process of reinforcing your current pipe system. For this method, however, if the pipe cannot be accessed by an upstream manhole then there may need to be a small trench dug to access the pipe. An advantage to this method is that the repair does not take very long which cuts labour costs as well. 

There is also pipe bursting, which is where we break apart the old, cracked sewer pipe and install a new pipe at the same time. This can be used in multiple different scenarios like pipe upsizing. It can replace a smaller pipe with one that has a larger diameter. This method, like the relining, can also be done on a multitude of different pipe materials and on pipes of any size. 

Like every plumbing issue, the best thing to do is be proactive. If you schedule regular maintenance checks and inspections then any problem with your plumbing can be resolved beforehand. Being ahead of your pipes can make a burst or leak be resolved when it’s still just a crack and less costly for you to fix. Contact us for a free estimate anytime!

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